From a professional construction business that thinks about the environment to a new future industry where people and nature coexist.


2019.11 - 2020.06

CI renewal, the declaration of a new vision for the enterprise, the challenge to the future business, and all have created the core value of Bosung Group. Based on this, we strategically placed the content and introduced a corresponding method of expression.
Through visual narratives such as viewing content, storytelling, and sensibility, we have transplanted brand sensibility and established a visual identity at the core of digital communication.

Focus on Key Content
Main page

Boseong Group's main businesses are classified into five categories: energy, construction, comprehensive real estate development, leisure, and future city construction. From the construction industry that has laid the foundation for current growth to future businesses such as energy, we have produced videos and organized the main screen with cover slides to express the company's vision based on business models selected for sustainable growth. In addition, various elements have been inserted in the page development process to express the identity of Bosung Group, which is the backbone of each affiliate, as a holding company, such as loading animation, navigation bar, and graphic element that is linked to scrolling. Interaction, which varies in detail depending on the mouse response, is also a consistent design policy element that unifies the mood with each affiliate's website.

Logo Reveals

Boseong Group has created and deployed new CI in line with the launch of the website. After the leap and growth period, Boseong declared a second start-up and helped the grand opening by producing CI rendering 3D to match Boseong's status as a future business.

Technical Strategy

Boseong Group's website was generally produced under the basic principles of information design, but it adopted a bold and colorful format on pages that needed to appeal special or new issues such as corporate history, introduction of Hanyang Tower, and introduction of CI.

Responsive Interaction

We used simplified shapes derived from new symbols as graphic motifs to express formability and rhythm. We provided the role of complementing brand identity by producing a series of colors and patterns for each affiliate. At the same time, it plays a role in driving web and visual identity. Interactive elements are placed in every nook and cranny to enhance aesthetics. The purpose of these elements is to receive continuous attention from users.

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