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2019.10 - 2020.05

We analyzed the nature of each content, assigned hierarchy and roles to each page, and applied unique design metaphors and layouts, to create interest and provide a consistent user experience.

The existing website, which had been standardized and static due to the layout of images centered on bird's eye view and a large amount of text listing, was dynamically organized around visualized content such as video to make it easier to understand from a customer's perspective. Also, we focused on providing a role in digital management for the real estate developer.

Hanyang's website began by breaking the customary framework in line with the changing paradigm of the construction market. We tried a new approach to reflect the changing social trends that are advanced based on new technologies and prioritized qualitative values.
Through the visual narrative strategy, which is the core of digital communication, brand sensitivity has been transplanted and visual identity has been established.

Hanyang has changed everything, including the new CI, new corporate vision, and new business challenges. We have strategically placed content and introduced novel ways of expression by deriving core values suitable for these changes in Hanyang.

Focus on Key Content
Main page

Major contents such as business introduction, future value, and investment portfolio were displayed with differentiated methods. With scroll animation that are linked together and a fresh transition effect that changes smoothly, the design provides a sense of immersion for the viewers. In addition, Bosung's brand assets were supplemented by customer-oriented headlines such as 'Advantage Delivered', 'Dream into Reality' and 'Find Next Investment Opportunity'. By maximizing user experience such as mouse over, scrolling, etc., we created a dynamic website mood. The varying interactions created with different mouse responses increase vitality of the website. By breaking the conventional and tacit rules in general company website creation, this new challenge coincides with Bosung's vision of the industry of leading and challenging the market.

Design Deployment Rules

The cover page consists of simple icon buttons that symbolize each project on top of the background image and links to the description section of each project when clicking or using the mouse wheel. The static cover page divides into two with the video, and the atmosphere is heightened by the bold screen change. Click the Detailed Business Project button to expose its images and information without page switching to provide efficient use.

We created an introduction page that can view the key projects in a quick and easy way. The location of each project is displayed on the map, making it easier for customers to view project data carried out by the Bosung Corporation. It was also produced from the perspective of appealing to the performance of Bosung, which is actively engaged in business across the country. We improved usability by allowing the pages of the location on the map or the project title to move equally to the Project Overview section once it is clicked. In addition, the user experience was maximized by adding UX, which allows the user to read projects sequentially when the mouse wheel is used.

Project page

Each project page focuses primarily on visualizing data. Even though it's still difficult to express clear results, it's a basic stance that honestly visualizing the ongoing progress in the field is the way to gain customer trust. We started from our stance that the way to gain customer trust was by honestly visualizing the ongoing progress even if there aren't any clear results at the moment. To express the rough progress of construction in a charming way, drone shooting, 360VR, and video planning were used. We took a thematic approach of the description that was in the order of Introductory Video – Business Overview – Location – Development Plan – Investment Request A full-page scrolling technique demonstrated the current on-site editing video on a packed screen and induced the viewer to see what the future looks like by placing the mouse over the bird's eye view. Content no longer exists just for reading.

Dynamic, Formative, and Interactive Content

We used simplified shapes derived from new symbols as graphic motifs to express formability and rhythm. We provided the role of complementing brand identity by producing a series of colors and patterns for each affiliate. At the same time, it plays a role in driving web and visual identity. Interactive elements are placed in every nook and cranny to enhance aesthetics. The purpose of these elements is to receive continuous attention from users.

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