GameProduction Company which developed POKOPANG


2017.12 - 2018.5

Treenod is the game company which developed Poco-pang, the game with legendary 60 million downloads.

This project had a difficult assignment which expressing both the scale of the firm, which reached a certain level of stability and its dynamic characteristics.

Therefore, we set the outline of the basic structure as the delicate column base, and we focused on assigning the dynamic accents within the boundary of the base.

The representative component which expresses the brand identity through such “subtle dynamism” is the initials of the company name that flow through the screen.

We made sure that each typed element acts to connect screen architectures like a node as long as it does not hamper the readability.

We refrained ourselves from using the key color out of context, and abided by the basic outline, so the design does not look frivolous; we added extra carefulness to the editing, based on thorough guidance.

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